Ty Partridge

Ty's Woodland Trail

Ty Partridge, who grew up in the house at the corner of Towerhouse Wood died suddenly of Leukaemia, aged 21. After moving from London at the age of 4, he went to Nailsea School, played rugby for Somerset and did a Philosophy Degree at York University. This sculpture trail is in his memory.

Ty’s bedroom was practically in the woods, and all through his early years he explored the paths, climbed the trees and made dens. For his Birthday party he would always ask for a Treasure Trail through the wood and the paths would echo to the sound of wellies and flashing sticks as a small of army of kids rushed around trying to put together a string of clues. Although the wood could seem immense and threatening Ty new every inch of the territory and would never get lost. A continual companion in these adventures was his Collie Cross dog, Loeke, who never let him out of her sight.

In his teens, following in the footsteps of generations of local lads, Ty would sometimes camp out over night armed with marshmallows, crisps and cans of beer. He and his friends would learn what is what like to sleep out under the stars, hear mysterious rustlings and crunching, and wake to the sounds of birds. As a result he was never afraid of the dark, and the woodland paths knew the sound of this tall figure as he made his way home after a night out in Nailsea or Bristol, lighting his way with the screen of his mobile phone.

To have grown up next to such a beautiful wood was something Ty always appreciated and it is a fitting tribute to his life that future generations of children will be able to understand better the life of Towerhouse Woods through the medium of the Trail.

Woodland Trust - Plant Trees

Ty Sculpture Trail

Towerhouse Woods,
Towerhouse Lane,
North Somerset. 

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