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Telegraph Article

27th May 2016

The Sculpture Trail From Sadness to Happiness.


Vimeo film of opening

14th May 2016

Ty Sculpture Trail Opening May 17th, 2016 from Pindrop Music on Vimeo.


New woodland sculpture trail to open near Nailsea

18th April 2016

A magical new Sculpture Trail that brings to life many British Woodland creatures opens officially in Towerhouse Wood, Wraxall, BS48 1JRl on Saturday, May 14th at 11.00 a.m. Owned by the Woodland Trust, this 16 acre wood appeared in the Doomsday Book and is a stone’s throw from Nailsea town.

The Ty Sculpture Trail is a collection of 14 stone carvings of animals that live in and around this ancient woodland and celebrates the life of Ty Partridge who grew up in a  house on the corner of the wood. Ty, who spent much of his free time playing, exploring and making dens here died from Leukemia, aged 21 and the Trail is the inspiration of his Dad Piers, helped by Phil Carter, who’s son was a close friend.

The idea behind the trail is to offer children (and the young at heart), an opportunity to get to know animals that live in the wood but can’t always be seen. The Sculptures, including a dormouse, badger, fox, buzzard, hedgehog and robin are not obvious, but then neither is nature. You might easily walk past them if you didn't have sharp eyes. ‘How many of the 14 can you spot’ is a game that is already proving popular with children from local Scout and Beaver groups.

Piers says:

“We decided to use the local pennant stone that was lying around the wood, not realizing that most self respecting stone masons wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. It's a form of incredibly hard natural limestone and will last for thousands of years, left out in the elements. Neither of us had carved before and we taught ourselves from YouTube videos, using domestic tools - angle grinders, Dremmels, dentists equipment, hammers and mallets. We’ve had a few disasters (like the day I was putting the finishing touches to the mole and it's head broke off), but mainly we're delighted with the way they've turned out.”

Local Storyteller Michael Loader has written a new story especially for the trail that connects all the carved animals. For the opening Michael will perform two “story tours”, one at 11.00 a.m. and the other at 1.30 p.m. There will be no charge for the tours although any donations will be gratefully received for the ongoing upkeep and development of the Trail.

Joe Middleton, Site Manager for the Woodland Trust, added:

“We’re incredibly grateful to Piers for all he has done at Towerhouse Wood these past few years, and his trail makes a wonderful addition to the area. I’m sure the magical carvings and sculptures will capture the imaginations of all who visit it.”

For more details about the Trail visit the Website: where you can find a map and pictures of all the stones. The website includes directions, parking information and helpful notes about each of the animals featured with details about habitat, diet, predators, longevity etc. Particularly useful for school projects.

For interviews with Piers Partridge contact 07855935903
For the Woodland Trust Officer

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Ty Sculpture Trail

Towerhouse Woods,
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North Somerset. 

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